Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a face lift of sorts

I'm turning into a once a week blogger, what is happening to me?  Bloggers around me are stepping up their game while I'm sitting on the bench daydreaming.  Bottom line is winter months(no matter the weather) leave me uninspired with a hint of grumpy.  That explains my lack of passionate projects, the other part to that is the kids have been sick, Todd has been sick and the whole month of February has felt like one big snotty blur(gross!). 

March is sure to get me focused, as we head to The Bahamas(that's right, just me and Toddy!), hopefully stay healthy, and start our kitchen...face lift.  I dare not call it a renovation or remodel, because this is truly a low budget event.  I question if I can even compare it to a  face lift.  It's more like laser treatment for dark spots and wrinkles.

I thought I'd share with you some of the ideas that are racing through my brain on how we can get the most bang for the buck in our little Rocky Hill Split-Level-Wish-I-Was-a-Cottage-But-Lack-The-Curb-Appeal-And-Did-I-Mention-I'm-A-Split-Level(yep that's our house's official name).

Let me refresh your memory on just how unappetizing the kitchen is today.

 What do you think-should I keep the wallpaper? Oh, but it wouldn't "shine" without the green counter tops.
I can't believe I didn't even clean the counters off before I took these photos to show you.  Just a testimate to how little I care about this space in it's present condition. Sometimes I look at this kitchen and can't believe we ever bought this house.  I mean,  you really have to have some inflated confidence(or be utterly and completely naive) to take on this project ESPECIALLY when you don't have 50k to spend.

So, here's the plan. 
  • widen the doorway to the dining room
  • replace floor with neutral 18x18 tile with dark grout
  • rip out soffet(if there is nothing behind it-fingers crossed)
  • remove any trace of decorative trim(i.e. the thingy above the sink area)
  • replace all appliances with stainless steel ones
  • paint cabinets white
  • replace pulls and knobs
  • remove doors on cabinets to right of sink, or take them down completely and replace with open shelving
  •  bead board back splash
  • butcher block counter tops
  • pendent light above sink
  • new sink and faucet
I think that's about it, except for all the unknown disasters, I think it will be a piece of cake! I'm leaving you with some of my inspiration links from blogs that I am studying and visiting on a stalker like basis.

{above pictures from This & That}

This & That has a very informative post on butcher block counters.  Thank God for people like her who can educate the rest of us on how to do it right!

The Lettered Cottage has a beautiful kitchen that inspires me.  I'm going to work hard to copy absolutely everything she does!

Jennifer Rizzo has a great kitchen as well, all the elements I want in a house that is probably similar to the age of ours.


Jenny said...

I think you can, I think you can, I think you can....

Great ideas. Who needs 50K when you've got SARAH POWER!!! (say that like Punky Brewster please.)

Someday, if/when we move to our teeny house in Oakwood, I will be in the same boat. So I am looking forward to your ideas and progress.

Anonymous said...

Teach me oh wise one.

Once we sell this house I'm sure our new kitchen will need some love and attention. I don't even know what it looks like yet and I'm already dreaming of how I'm going to change it.

PS-Have fun in the Bahamas!

Lisa said...

I was jealous of your yellow flowers, and now the Bahamas? No way!

You are going to make that kitchen look adorable, I know it! Everything you touch turns to adorable. It is like the Midas touch but everything turns adorable instead of gold....maybe you would prefer Midas, then you could just give them a golden Trucker, have the place gutted and completely renovated into cottage cute, and never have to worry about doggy messes again!

You would miss him though, so adorable touch is better. :) Can't wait to see the finished product!