Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Favorite things: a happy face

I'm 37.  There, I said it.  When your 3 years away from 40 you start thinking a lot about your face.  Luckily, my sister Kit is well informed on all thing related to skin and looking good.  After consulting the mirror this summer, I decided I needed to consult her on what basic remedies I could use to turn back the clock just a smidge. She recommended Retin A and exfoliation.  While I don't have the budget to try the greatest of all skin products, I decided to spend the dough on Obagi and use my go-to "drugstore" scrub.  The result is has been great and now my shiny skin, faded dark spots, and diminished fine lines are one of my favorite things!

Obagi can be prescribed by your Dermatologist.  Get in there and ask them for it, you know you have some moles that need to be looked at as well.

Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub is at Target.  I've used it for years.  It may not be the greatest, coolest and trendiest facial scrub, but I think it does the job.

My mirror came.  I'm doing the happy dance.  There must be something wrong with me because along with being excited about the mirror, I'm more in love with it because it was expertly wrapped with twine when I opened the box.  I heart Ballard Designs!
Also, I did indeed cook my country heart out this weekend.  I made the PW's Olive Cheese Bread(umm ...yummers!), Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Fried Steak(what? I told you I was getting my cowgirl on), and Oatmeal Crispies. PW was on the Today Show this morning-too cute.

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