Thursday, January 27, 2011

Favorite Things{a series}: the birthday edition

I may not love my birthday in the month of January, but I quickly get over it when the birthday loot starts showing up.  I love gift cards(well, gift cards from my favorite stores), I love Becca because she asks for a gift list, and I love my sisters because they never remember to mail my gift on time, so I end up celebrating for two weeks instead of one day.

I've been stalking sunburst mirrors for almost 6months.  This one is on it's way to my house as I type!  Thank you Kit!

 Thank you Becca for my new favorite cookbook.  When I grow up I want to be The Pioneer Woman.  I'll be channeling my inner cowgirl this weekend in the kitchen.  If you love PW you will adore this book.


Jenny said...

Extended birthdays are the best, if you have to have them at all. Love that mirror, it will look great.

Becca said...