Monday, January 10, 2011

House Goals and Monday nonsense

I have read several blogs this past week where people have listed their house goals for the year.  I enjoy seeing every one's list and realizing that, like me, they struggle to get a room done.  There were lots of goals about finishing touches.  In this house we set quarterly goals.  We dream of the day that the house is on the back burner of our to-do-list, but for now we are in a time crunch to finish up our painting before spring comes and we are distracted by all the landscaping that needs to be done. So here are our goals for January, February and March.
We have a pretty good start on the master bedroom.  Here is a sneak peak at what my husband was busy doing this weekend. I have just a few more things to get... 
  • Find a side table for Todd's side of the bed
  • buy white sheets
  • find artwork for above side table
  • create shadow box for silver baby cups display
When we moved into this house I thought for sure I would keep the vintage wallpaper in the boy's room.  Have you ever loved something, loved it, loved it, loved it....hate it, have to take it down like yesterday!  It hit me on Thursday.  I rented the steamer on Friday, and four hours later the buffalo were gone.  I still have a lot a prep work left to do.  This weekend there should be paint on the walls.  We are up in the air about wainscoting.  We can't decide if we have the energy to do it right now or wait until the fall. 
  • paint walls
  • wainscoting?
  •  buy two book shelves
  •  find/buy antique dresser
  • buy storage unit for closet 
  • personalize an area for each boy
Little Sloan's room was painted this summer and then I walked away from it never to return, until now. 

The boy could use something on the walls don't you think?
  • Make/find/shop house for something on the walls
  • paint table and chair for a cozy play corner 

My most treasured space needs some TLC
  • paint walls
  • rug for couch area
  • paint coffee table
  • round rug for table area
  • ottoman for chair in corner
  • lamp for chair in corner
  • some sort of window coverings???
  • pillow and throw for fabric couch
  • install tin ceiling
And my forever project.  One appliance down and three more to go.  There is not enough room on this blog to list what is needed.  Needless to say, it will be the turtle of the home improvement race, but we are moving forward.  That's a good thing.

On to my Monday nonsense. 
Asher used to call nonsense nonesense when he was little.  He also used to say "Look Dad none hands!" when he was peeing.  That made a different sort of mess in the bathroom then the one pictured above ;) 

Does anyone else have a bathroom that looks like this 30 seconds after they clean it.  What the heck is up with all the paste people?  I yell around all the time about the paste! Makes no's nonesense! 
One last thing.  Happy Birthday to Toddy who turned 37 on Saturday!   We love you oh so much.


Becca said...

Oh my goodness! I'm NOT going to join in on the "need to finish" home tour, but I am glad to see that I am not the only one with a to-do list a mile long...misery loves company and all! May I suggest Target's HOME brand organic sheets?...we L-O-V-E them! Sloan's bookshelves look like they belong in Pottery Barn...good work! Tin ceiling? CUTE! and, finally, Happy B-day to Todd. How's that for a comment? Good, huh? Love to you all!!!

Becca said...

Oh...and the toothpaste thing? I hear you sister! I just cleaned a gigantic blob off the wall 12 inches up from the floor!??!!! And it's all over the sink too...what the heck do they do in there? (2 comments 1 post...I'm hot!)

Jenny said...

Happy day to Todd! Wow, those are some big things to do. I know you will get them done with style and grace. Good luck. And the toothpaste thing just about sends me into a headspin. I hate that. Grrr.