Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy {belated} Valentine's Day

I have written many times about how I shop all holidays for myself.  It just works for my husband and I so that's what we do.  Flowers mean nothing to me on Valentine's Day, love notes are passed between us daily when we pray together, cards are just more recycling that I drag out to the curb. I know...I'm a minimalist at heart(and none of this applies to my children-we do all that sort of stuff for them-don't want to upset anyone).

BUT, acts of kindness, now that really gets my love tank full(or "melts my butter" as 320 Sycamore put it in a similar post).  When my husband spends the time to work on my honey-do-list, I feel like I am a well taken care of wife(when he doesn't curse all the way through it I feel even better!)

Todd recently went up to Cincinnati, and while he was there he picked up a new dresser for our bedroom from IKEA.   My tank was nearly topped off when he went into IKEA(with one of his sales guys no less), found the patience to find and purchase the dresser during a very hectic day, and then had it driven home to me.  My love tank runneth over when he spent an entire Sunday afternoon putting it together. 

{Hemnes dresser for IKEA}

 I no longer have the closet of a college student.  Everything has it's place.

Even with an aversion to drilling into brick, he hung my sunburst mirror perfectly.
I love you Toddy, thank you for making me feel like an actual princess... of quite a lot.

*note...this room is still a work in progress...like I need a mantel.*


Becca said...

Ah true love! It exists and sounds like it's in full force at your household... :) Love the mirror on the fireplace. Good job Todd! Dresser is cute too...glad you have a spot for everything!

Jenny said...

I agree, flowers, rings, gifts are junk! But give me some good handy husband time and I am one happy camper. Yay Todd! I am so proud of him. Serious points earned that time. The dresser is so cute. The mirror looks great too.