Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's happening!

I like Knoxville.  Something I like the most is the weather.  Most Knoxvillians would probably say it's been a harsh winter and they can't wait for spring, but let's just say they have no idea what harsh is.  Coming from the Midwest, this is glorious.  I will admit, in December when it was snowing and cold, I wondered what the heck was going on.  Part of the silver lining in this move was supposed to be the more enjoyable climate. January and February have proved to be a wonderful change from below 0 days and no green grass until April.   Spring in Iowa seemed to give me more anxiety than it did pleasure.  There was something about living in a deep freeze for nearly 5 months of the year that causes complete chaos when it finally decides to warm up.  On the first 60 degree day you go crazy trying to enjoy every last drop of sunshine because your not so trusting that it's going to stick around.  I have found that in Knoxville, spring must happen a little slower and with a lot less drama.  Little things are starting to pop out of the ground, beautiful birds have returned to drink out of the pond, and we can work in our yard without the anxiety of getting it all done in one weekend. 

I little pop of yellow has shown up in the yard.

Something I saw(scroll down her page to see the little church amongst the moss) back in December had me filling glass containers with reindeer moss.  Not loving this candle, but am on the hunt for a little treasure to nestle down in this instead.

You can find moss at Michael's.  This collection had a bit of everything in it.  

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Jenny said...

I am jealous, we are still coldish and grayish here. Enjoy that springy stuff. I was always wondering what to do with that moss stuff, I see it at Michaels and did not know what the heck to do with it!