Tuesday, April 10, 2012

nothing says easter like a tex-mex fiesta

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  We had a very nice and quiet one ourselves.  I have to admit that one of the hardest things about being away from family at holidays is making them special despite the lack of activity and people and excitement that cousins and traditions make.  It is also a major bummer to do all the cooking that goes along with a traditional holiday meal, although it is getting better now that the boys have bigger appetites and make requests. 

I made a ham and this yummy frittata for breakfast before church{people actually cheered when I took the ham out of the oven, what mom wouldn't love that!}, but I just didn't have it in me to do something all fancy for dinner as well. Instead, I just decided to get festive and hope that it becomes something they look forward to in the years to come.

 on the menu:

So the rest of our weekend included:
 decorating eggs

Holden participated in a race to raise funds for the schools. Umm, focus please!

 Lots of play with the neighborhood kids.  It gives me such joy to see all of them running around together.  I'll save the sob story of how I miss our old neighborhood for another post, but I have immense gratitude to God for giving us the neighborhood we live in now despite my heartache. 

I was so concentrated in taking this picture that I didn't realize the moment I captured until I was adding it to this post.  Asher just got hit in the nose with the football{the hand up to his face, everyone looking at him cry should have become clearer to me before that!} The next several pictures I took were of him walking back home with a sore nose.  Opps. Maybe not exactly the moment I was hoping to get.

I'll be back this week with{maybe, hopefully, possibly}pictures of the master bath. 
Happy Tuesday!

The power of the resurrection means that nothing but the tomb
is meant to be empty.

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Jenny said...

OH my nose! (remember Marcia Brady?) Poor boy.