Friday, April 13, 2012

one little itsy bitsy teeny baby step

It's no secret I'm not the most frugal person in the world.  I have always kept costs down by not buying a lot.  I know a lot of people that buy a lot, a lot of stuff they don't need.  So being a minimalist was my way of being frugal.  I have recently been convicted to coupon. I really felt stubborn about it, frustrated and just plain lazy about finding, organizing, remembering to use{one of my biggest stumbling blocks}coupons. 

I'd been asking friends questions about couponing, peaking into{not really reading}blogs about saving money and then Todd and I sat down and did our budget and it was time to get serious about saving money.  Let's face it, I like to buy shoes and in order to make new shoes happen in my "new" budget I had to cut my Target bill in half or better.  Cutting a Target bill in half isn't very hard-I just have to go there half as often, but to feel really empowered about my grocery/home costs, it was time to coupon.

I have taken the first step towards figuring this whole grocery game out.  I know a few things about myself and couponing.  

1. I am not willing to hit seven stores in order to save ten dollars.  I am only couponing at Kroger and Target-those are the only stores I go to. 

2. I'm not able to give up some brands but can certainly become more flexible with others. 

3. I will only buy things with coupons that I already use.  There is no trying something because it's on sale and I have 1.00 off coupon.  Chances are my family will hate it and then it's just a waste in several ways.

4. I am not interested in a four year supply of trial size tooth paste to save money.  It would simply piss me off to open a new tooth paste tube every other day .  I'll leave that to extreme couponers thank you.

I do how ever need to learn how to watch sales and trends.  I need to learn the art of stock piling and I need to learn to get in the habit of checking coupons for all purchases and dinners out.

Learning to use and organize these little things are a challenge as well.  I guess you just have to test out methods and ask questions{thanks Tisha for helping me!}.

Currently{two weeks into this}, I am making my lists this way.  On my best weeks{sometimes I just wing-a major no no in the couponing world-intention is everything} of grocery shopping I make my list by areas in the grocery store.  Kroger has e-coupons that are difficult *for me* to remember.  You can print a list but I'm just so visual that I need the picture :)  Paper clip the other ones on my list so I don't forget to use them. 

Last week I saved $57.00
This week I saved $37.00

I feel pretty happy about that and so does my budget.  Target however is probably going to have to close down stores due to lost revenue-ha!

Have a great weekend! 


Jenny said...

Yay! I am proud of you. My couponing has been kind of lax since Asher (does that read weird to you?) has been born. I am still using them but honestly I haven't been checking sales a lot. Just not enough time. But I love love love to save. I agree with all your rules. I don't buy stuff I won't use either I don't care if it is free, if it is taking up my time and space in my house than it isn't free! My food journey continues to evolve even today so I feel like I can always learn more. Being an "almost" vegetarian is making things interesting around here. As for Target, have you noticed all the foreign made items there? It is really bugging me. Kind of like a prettier Walmart. Anyway, I avoid Target as much as I can, it is just too tempting. I went 6 weeks recently, with no trips and it was actually kind of nice. I had to get the kids some Easter clothes (the Thursday before Good Friday at 9:00 PM, before we left for Big Tall Inlaws) and that broke my streak.

Becca said...

Hmmm. We need to talk, because your post isn't specific enough for me and I'm not following...I'm a bit slow, lol. I understood the $57.00 and $37.00 savings though! I have tried and failed with couponing, except for one or two coupons here and there I never find any for the things we use! I think I'll give you a jingle... :)