Tuesday, April 3, 2012

more ripe banana recipes

Major blogging block going on here{oh you could tell}.  I have several posts I want to write, pictures to catch everyone up on, but instead I'm obsessively reading The Hunger Games, reading couponing blogs{I'm not sure it's in my blood but I'm giving it a try}, and thinking{only thinking}about the scrapbook pages I am supposed to be putting together for all twenty of Asher's classmates.  Easily distracted, that's what I am right now. 

When all else fails on POQAL I post recipes, so recipes you will get.  A while back I posted this and confessed that I have lots of overly ripe bananas on my counter.  Always on the hunt for yummy recipes to use up those two last brown ones, and these two recipes certainly fit the bill. In fact, they more than fit the bill, they are SUPER YUMMERS.

 Banana Bars from 320 Sycamore{recipe here}

Bananas Foster Upside Down Cake{recipe here}
p.s. I left out the rum, not because I was headed to church with it{ha!}. It wasn't missed.

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Anonymous said...

Photo looks like it has apricot/ jam, as i see the orange flecks, however there is no mention in the recipe. Also, second photo looks like different ingredients. Can you post clarification?