Friday, May 18, 2012

bathroom sneak peek

Our master bath makeover is done.  Well, as done as it's ever going to get, and at the same time I can't guarantee that I won't redo it soon-because I'm just like that.  I've taken pictures of it, but it just isn't a photogenic room and so I shall try again when it's in a better mood and feels more like smiling.

I do however want to show you what I did with an old window my friend Jen gave me. 

She gave me this window several months ago and I literally carried it around my house trying to figure out what I could do with it.  She had used the clear panes as frames to photos, which was adorable, but I have lots of frames already.   I considered making it into a {faux}fireplace screen, I almost just hung it up "as is" because it was just cute enough, but after spring rolled around and I started wearing more jewelry, I thought it might actually work in my bathroom.  I had visions of Anthropologie knobs and hooks, but that meant waiting until I felt like I could blow $60.00 on hardware, so I just used Home Depot knobs and they are simply good enough.  I love it!  It adds great color to a very beige space and I needed it to organize my accessories.  Hooray!

Back with more next week. I HAVE to show you my finished door and let's be honest...I have a million projects on my mind!  Enjoy your weekend.


AJK said...

where did you get the knobs you used for your jewelry? I've been looking for something like these (I think) for my dresser conversion in our entry hall.

Tisha said...

Opps. I just realized I was logged in under Adam:-) Tisha