Wednesday, May 16, 2012

let's catch up shall we...

You'll never believe who finally made it to my blog. Me! I know, has it really been almost a month since my last post-and I call myself a blogger. Summer isn't here yet and I'm completely slacking off.  Well, not exactly, although you can bet that this summer my posts could very possibly be few and far between. 

So, I have a legitimate reason for not blogging.  My mom and John came to visit!  So what that they left a week ago and I am just now posting about it, there has been a lot of catching up going on because when my mom visits that's all I{we} do-visit. It has not helped that this is by far the busiest week ever at school and all that sort of stuff. So why don't I just get on with it and show you the pictures.

 My all time favorite picture of us.  Mom's camera was set on some sort of "effects" setting and I say "effects" is the best thing that ever happened to my face. It should be called "the fountain of youth" setting.  You think it's kinda blurry, I think it's kinda perfect. Like a light shining down from heaven and erasing wrinkles.  Amen!
What a great Mother's Day picture. Love you mom!

 Awhh, look at those boys with their Gabby. 

I'm not sure you know this, but when my mom and I get together we do crazy wacky things like buy antique dressers, comb small towns for junk, visit Joann's fabrics seven days straight and a new for even us-take off my front door and strip it{more on this little project later}.
  The boys had a great time while they were here. Sloan isn't to sure about taking this picture, but he loved having Grabby and Grandpa at his house.  John taught them all sorts of things, one morning at the breakfast table I think he was discussing physics{I think that's what it was, hard to say because I wouldn't know physics if it bit me on the nose}-there was some major brain power being used and it was not coming from my boys :)  They also did lots of fun things like skip school...

to go to the Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge.  They thought that was a pretty good idea.

I stayed home and worked on this{did I mention my mom has crazy wacky ideas!}. 

Love you mom and John, thanks for coming and having so much fun with us.  I'll be back again this week for a little more catching up.  Have a great rest of your week!


Aunt Meri said...

More blogging or more pics PLEASE!!!!

Miss the pics!!!!!!


Jenny said...

More door pics please! :) Missed you. Glad you had fun with your lovely momma. Mmmmwack, that was a kiss for those boys.

Becca said...

I gave up on you! I stopped looking EVERY day, and now look...a new post! Two actually! {I really can't talk...I haven't blogged in weeks}.

Can't wait to see the front door! Bathroom looks the old window/jewelry holder!