Thursday, May 31, 2012

the master bath

I decided the original pictures were going to have to work if I ever hoped to post the after shots of the master bath.  Although they are not great photos, chances are the bathroom wouldn't be as clean again this summer. So, this bathroom isn't anything amazing, but it is a transformation with practically just paint alone-something DIYers will appreciate :)

1.The tile is a major disappointment in this bath.  Live and learn I guess, but it kinda bothers me every time I look at it.  It is, however, better than the vinyl that was there.  You can look into the bathroom from our bed.  Pretty unfortunate.  I hung the drape in hopes that it would hide the shampoo and stuff.  It softened the space and does hide the unsightly shower head.

2.The vanity was painted black, a new faucet and light.  Remember how Todd is emotionally attached to the mirror{weirdo!}, I had plans to trim it out, but it wouldn't work{something about the way it is mounted in the wall-it sticks out to far and I couldn't find molding that would work-I gave up}, so I just put  a coat a paint around the aluminum frame. Glass nobs make it look more like me. 

3.  I searched for something above the toilet, but it is narrow and off center-nothing seemed to work.  I hung plates.  My friend Jen said "Hmmm. Plates in a bathroom, I would have never thought of that".  She's right.  It doesn't make a lot of sense, but for right now it stays.

4.  I found the most perfect towels at Target, and after buying two to see if it would work, they no longer have them in stock.  Bummer!   

I really wish I had taken more before shots because this bathroom was pretty boring before the black paint. I'm still dreaming of my dream bath, but it will have to wait for another house{according to Todd} :) 

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Becca said...

Look who's working her magic again! I knew it would look better than what you claimed it would. Love the black...I never would have gone black because I'mnot that smart! I agree with Jen...and you...let's find something at the brass armadillo when you're back in July...I'm sure we can do better than the plates :)