Tuesday, November 27, 2012

pretty enough to drink: starting the holidays off on the right foot

Need I say more
cocktails and the holidays just go together
I'm a gin girl
twenty years ago I used to be a vodka girl-oh the memories{or lack of-ha!}
I will never be a martini girl because those things go down waaay tooo fast
so, this is my new favorite drink
not that gin and tonics are new and amazing
my dad just introduced me to a little something special
 whole star anise
 lime and an orange
Now, this has nothing to do with adult drinks
but I suggest you sit down and make the kids share
this year I put all our hot chocolate fixings out on display
the kids love it
hot chocolate making has become an art
everyone has their own technique
two peppermint sticks, twelve mini marshmallows, whip cream to the ceiling
its a new adventure with every cup
my favorite part is the cute paper straws
the kids can't stand them
little punks
I tell them to go ahead and just drown in whip
I'm going to sip in style!
now, get out and enjoy the season


Anonymous said...

I Love those straws! I am always trying to find them in RED. I see them on commercials for Chocalate Milk. :-)


Sue said...

Everything looks so pretty and special on silver trays! Thanks for reminding me to get mine out and use it.
You are too funny calling your kids "little punks!" Way to handle those boys!
Would you be able to send me the name of the National Geographic (I think) book that Holden has with scan codes or something in it? Tisha said it was very cool and I would like to get one for Gideon. Thanks!!

Kara said...

I love the display of hot chocolate fixings! I may have to steal that one from you. And next time you see Josh, ask him why he is no longer a gin guy :)

Kristin said...

I love the hot chocolate tray! What a great idea.

Thanks for your comment on Aiden. I'm so lucky to have such awesome, supportive friends.