Wednesday, November 7, 2012

what i wore wednesday

The other day Becca and I shopped together via texts.  While it made me miss my bestest friend like crazy, I was just so darn happy to be shopping for shoes with her any way possible.  She was having a crisis, and we have all been there...trying to find the perfect boot.  You know what I mean by perfect-the one that is just the right height, goes with everything you already have, doesn't hurt your feet, doesn't make you look too young and definitely not too old, the one that is just the right color and  texture and again goes with everything you already have{!}. Is it just me or is shopping sometimes like opening Pandora's box. 
It never fails that one clothes purchase leads to another.  If it's the shoe you love, it doesn't go with the jeans you already own.  The sweater that you have to find the right shirt to go under.  The coat that needs a new scarf and on and on.  I totally understand ambush makeovers.  There is nothing like living on a budget, losing a little bit of touch with trends, and having some babies that will keep you from ever going inside the walls of the mall and in turn looking like you just rolled out of bed. Hello yoga pants you wear every other day{the other days you are wearing the jeans that you've been wearing for seven years and your just thrilled they fit-never mind they have holes in both the knees}and a pony tail{maybe this is just a ME problem?} 
Thankfully Becca found just the right boot{I think...last time I checked they may have been hurting her feet}, but it got me thinking about my own fashion challenges-and there are many.  I like clothes, and if you ask my husband, I have no problem going into the mall and buying them.  that might be true, but I'm certainly not buying the ones I really want, I'm just getting the ones that don't break the bank and make me feel good when I really *have*to get dressed{it honestly doesn't happen that often}.
The following outfit took two years to put together.  That is so stupid considering it is not the least bit amazing, but parts of it have been sitting in my closet until I could find just the right thing to go with it.  I almost Goodwilled this shirt several times along with the shoes because I thought they were a mistake purchase and I would never wear them.   I stopped myself every time they nearly went in the pile because I knew all I needed was the right-whatever-I didn't know what to buy to go with it.
So, this is what I wore to church on Sunday

I bought the rust colored shirt 1.5 years ago in Des Moines. I had not worn it until this day.  The lace shirt is a recent purchase from The Buckle{of all places} suggested by the sales guy{of all people}. I love it-maybe a little too youthful but I don't care.
The mid length gold and silver necklace is from the Lucky store.  So happy that silver and gold are in together-makes jewelry way more versatile.  The short necklace is Silpada from 1 million years ago.
The jeans{7 for all mankind} were a birthday present last winter. This was seriously the first time I've worn them because I didn't have the right shoe, that went with the right shirt, that needed something to go under's like the old lady who swallowed a fly.
The shoes are Dansko. I bought them 2 years ago.  I loved them, hated them, and then loved them again. Pretty happy they never went to Goodwill. 
Now I need a casual black pair that will likely collect dust until I have time to collect all the makings for another outfit-ha!
Happy shopping to all you mommies.  I'm more than happy to pass along my phone number so we can go virtual shopping together :)  I'm always up for a trip to the mall in person or just via texts{don't tell Todd I just admitted that}.


Becca said...

giggle, giggle, snort, giggle! I love shopping via text messages! Although it would be so much more fun in person! I love that outfit. I have to admit that I also love that it took you 2 years to put it together. That made me feel a little less dysfunctional! Love the lucky necklace! Also, I have that Silpada necklace and have NEVER worn the darn thing!!!

I miss you like crazy!


Sue said...

Love the outfit. You look gorgeous.
Tisha and I did early Christmas shopping at Kohl's a few years ago. She was at a Knoxville store and I was at a Columbus store! Love cell phones! Have fun catching up this weekend face to face!!