Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bye Bye "The Box"

How many little boys does it take to pulverize a cardboard box to bits? Two very determined four year olds and two unforgiving two year olds put "the box" out of it's misery for good. I was uncertain they could actually do it, but no amount of duck tape is going to bring him back to life....amen. I had been waiting for weeks to be rid of it in the house. Every night I would trip over it on the way upstairs and I would think in the morning it was heading out to the dumpster-it looked like a disaster and it was like having an extra couch in a very small space! And every morning we would come downstairs and it seemed to be in better shape than the day before-I swear it had self healing properties. But in the end Holden, Colin, Ty and Asher(pictured in "the box" somewhere?) were able to do what I had been wanting to do for so long...they killed the beast! oopps... I mean "the box".

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Jenny said...

May it rest in peace along with all the styrofoam packing blocks my kids like to play with and shred (leaving there white bits all over the house).