Friday, February 22, 2008

Finished my project, finished my movies, and now moving onto cleaning bathrooms. Todd will be home late tonight and the boys are excited to see him. Holden didn't have school today so we headed to a kiddie movie this morning at Billy Joes Pitcher Show(a movie theater that serves food, etc.). It was a flash back from my past, which always makes me laugh. It was one of my old high school haunts, a place my friends and I would smoke(it's smoke free now) and hang out with all the other bad influences(my very favorite influences back then) from Valley. I never really wanted to live in Des Moines, in fact I tried like crazy to move as far away as possible from my past and everyone in it. High School was not my proudest moment. But after this last move to Cincinnati, growing up a little more, and having the chance to move back and live my proudest moments as a mother in Des Moines, I feel healed. I am not sure what I am going to tell my kids when they ask about my past experiences, but at least I will have had a chance to make new memories at all my old haunts. I guess a project with butterflies was appropriate today...a transformation of sorts.

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Jenny said...

Your project is beautiful! I too have wondered how I am going to answer those questions that are sure to come up, "mom did you ever..." I am just prolonging the inevitable. If you get a big "aha" moment, let me know!