Monday, February 18, 2008

sick(of it)day

It is 8 degrees, and it snowed a couple inched yesterday. I put the kids down for their naps and crawled into bed, dragged the covers over my head, and tried to console myself. This too will pass. I don't want to bore everyone with a rant about winter. If you live here you are sure to already be depressed, so why bring you down further with my miserable attitude. I can hardly take it any more. My friend Lindsay asked me the other day if I was always so upbeat.-HA! Today I am no beat. I am concerned that tomorrow will be much of the same. The really down beat side of me thinks I might lay in this bed all week.


Lisa said...

Thank you Sarah!

I don't feel so bad now that after my morning appts. I curled up in bed and have been here for 4 hours with my computer alternately dozing, reading, and surfing the net.

Wish I was surfing some waves, this -27 degree weather is attacking my energy and seeping the joy right out of me.

I am glad to know I am not alone in the struggle, here's to this being the last shot of extreme cold, Bring on spring!


Jenny said...

I second that!

Aunt Karin said...

I love the blog! It's so great to see all the fun pictures and see what you are all up to. You are a great mommy! No pics of Todd or Trucker...don't blame you! Tee hee. Stay warm and naps are the best! We miss you all and love you very much.
The Arkansas Crew - Aunt Karin and Uncle Shawn.