Thursday, February 21, 2008


I am ashamed to admit that I spent Tuesday's nap time in the same position as Monday's - in a near coma. Although I was quickly forced to pull myself together, as Todd left for Texas on Wednesday am, and I am here to man the fort. He will be traveling more often as his job gets busier. I have to admit that I get a little anxious before he leaves. The idea of 24/7 alone with the kids is enough to invoke a mild panic attack. But by the time he leaves I've cooked up some plans. So I am feeling better about life, regardless of the crappy weather. Here is what is making me happy at this very moment.

1. Asher's little voice. He is talking up a storm and stringing more sentences together . His favorite subject today- "My Daddy not at workin, My Daddy in Texthassss." It's kinda wet when he is talking.

2. A project! I always feel better when I am creating, organizing or re-arranging something. My favorite scrapbooker Ali Edwards ( is a wonderful artist and just all around positive person. She had a great project idea on her blog that I could not resist totally copying. If you didn't know this about me already-I LOVE PAPER. I haven't made a single scrapbook, but you wouldn't know it from the amount of paper and supplies I have. Anyways, I'll show you the finished product tomorrow!

3. Holden learning to swim. He has a lesson twice a week and is making great progress. Before Christmas he was jumping in and swimming(with a floaty belt)to his teacher. We took a long break over the holidays and he seems to have lost a little confidence, but I am just so happy that he is having fun and loving the water.

4. Chipolte is opening in West Des Moines! My taste buds are dancing at the thought...bliss

5. Chick flicks and magazines. If your husband is gone a lot, you might as well totally enjoy yourself-right? Todd won't like this...but after he heads off the airport and my life flashes before my eyes, I take a few deep breathes and settle in quite nicely to 7pm bedtime for the boys and a whole evening of Sarah time-ahhhh


going places mommy said...

Sit back and relax! Watch a movie for me.
I soooo miss you guys!!!

Meri said...


Jenny said...

I want to watch chick flicks too! I can't wait to see your project!!!

Satunas4 said...

Hello Sarah!!! It's been so long.. I miss seeing you and the boys. But I don't miss Ohio. The boys are growing up. They are so big... We ( Me , You and Corie) are gonna have to have a girls weekend. I would love to see you. Love your blog!! Tell the boys hello. Hope they remember who I am. Take care and relax some for me too!! Keep In touch. Take Care BJ