Sunday, July 5, 2009

catching up

Not finding a lot of time to blog lately....hmmm...I wonder why? Todd has been traveling a ton and that has made time to myself impossible. We are getting along pretty well considering, although there have been a few touch and go moments-a certain five year old knows what I am referring to-uggg! We did survive this past week quite nicely while Todd was in Texas and Alabama(my mom called a lot to make sure I hadn't lost my marbles and I had to resort to a "good boy"/bribery chart-what ever works right), so here's what we've been up to. The kids and I headed to the Panorama on Thursday for the 4th. I know you can't tell, but this is Holden going a million miles an hour tubing across the lake. His need for speed is at a whole new level this year-I was just a wee bit scared watching from the deck.
What can I say-I'm in love. Sloan has started giving us little smiles and dreamy silly looks along with lots of coos and sometimes even a giggle. These are all after he is feeling fat and happy, and this kid never misses a meal. I actually think this guy ate my newborn baby-he looks like a three month old for goodness sakes. Look at those hands! If he was a puppy and those were paws I would be scared at how big he was going to be :)
Asher's need for speed has yet to reach absurd levels. He is pretty satisfied to watch and he prefers to stay on land. Uncle Matt and Aunt Lisa were down from Minni. Asher was impressed with Uncle Matt's wake board, but his real love is Papa's John Deer in the background.
The neighborhood has been exciting thanks to this water slide. We went in with a couple of neighbors on the Bonsai slide and it has really taken the pressure off me to do to the water parks, which everyone agrees would be hard with a newborn. The boys are bronze and look and smell like summer pretty much 24/7.

Oh no you didn't! This picture falls into one of my favorite categories in raising children. The "I really didn't know they didn't know this" category. At some point in their lives I said don't color on the walls, I know I said to stay on the paper when coloring at the table-silly me-I forgot to tell them not to color on the carpet(Holden!). This is a good lesson for when they are 16 and start to drive. I guess they don't take note of the obvious.


Becca said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Can't believe Holden drew on your carpet! (That was at your house and not at the lake, right?) Love you and miss you...we need to get's getting ridiculous!

Jenny said...

Those are the cutest boys ever! Sloan is precious. Now about that carpet... no they don't think and yes you have to be extra specific!