Saturday, July 25, 2009

A How To

I had never "antiqued" anything before so I was excited to read about it on a few blogs and take action on my B.A. white table. It was super fun and easy-you'll need to find something to antique soon :) First I sanded the edges with 150 grit sandpaper. I got a little crazy in a few places(*note-never day dream while sanding), but you can be as conservative or liberal as you like.
On several blogs I read that people like Behr brand Faux Glaze, but I was at Lowes so I picked up what they had. The glaze is clear and takes on the color that you add to it. On the directions it said to add latex paint, but I had acrylic left over from a previous project. The color is coffee bean from Michaels. I think this color looks good over lighter painted pieces, darker painted furniture would probably need a deeper brown.
Here is what it looks like mixed. It said 4 parts glaze to 1 part paint-no measuring for me- I just winged it

I put the glaze on with a damp paper towel. I just glopped it on randomly. I quickly learned you really can't mess it up. I glopped a small area with glaze, waited maybe a few minutes for it to dry a bit and them wiped some of it off with another damp paper towel. In some areas I did that two or three times. I let the gaze collect in the corners and along the edges as much as possible.
It turned out to be a soft antiqued affect(click on the picture to get a better look). I really like it and guess what-I want to antique every white surface in my house now :) I'll post a picture of it in my bedroom soon, along with some other finished projects.

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Jenny said...

It looks great! I am so jealous, I went to Brass Aramdillo last week and came out empty handed, I know, shocking! I can't wait to see more projects