Monday, July 13, 2009

more junk!

The Junk Gods were shining down on me this weekend and I couldn't feel more blessed to have even more junk than I had before! All it took was three quick trips to the B.A.(on Sunday the cashier asked if he had seen me there yesterday-Yes, do not tell my husband you recognize me from my many trips, he already accuses me of having too close of a relationship with the guy at the Benjamin Moore paint store). So now I have projects galore, which is a good thing considering I am a little more house bound than before. So I want to share my latest projects with you :)

Making this little gem into a chalk board(you know my obsession with chalk board paint, ranks right up there with tags!). Planning on putting it on the kitchen counter, still needs a little better polish. I'll post after pics.

This rusty junk(behind my beautiful Asher) got my heart racing with excitement. I love finding something better than what you were even hoping to find.

The bedside table was one I found at the B.A, when my mom was visiting. It was in pretty rough shape, but a little paint and some new knobs and viola-I love it!

Another bedside table that needs just some TLC and I'm trying a faux glaze paint treatment to antique it. Totally excited to do something other than just straight paint.

The last fun thing I have all the supplies for, but just need to work up the nerve to actually do is this-as seen on I am crazy about it and really hope I don't screw it up on our door, as Todd will have no sympathy for me and I will be stuck repainting the whole door if it looks bad.


Murillo Family said...

Looks like you have some fun planned! Can't wait to see what it looks like when you are all done. Don't be scared of the door you will do a great job!

Jenny said...

Wow, you are so awesome momma! Love your ideas. I am planning on making a chalkboard for our kitchen. I just have to find the right piece... and Sloan is just about the cutest boy ever! He and Tank (I mean, Tanner) would get along so well. My Tank is wearing size 12 months quite easily (at 6 mos), he is so long it is crazy. Wish I could kiss those cheeks.