Monday, November 8, 2010


I am so happy to announce that we are finished with the canvas for the Rocky Hill Heartprints fund raiser!
This project gave me a whole lot of unneeded(and in the end unwarranted) stress.  Go ahead and remind me I said that next year when I sign up again to do this :)  Now that I know what it's all about I feel challenged to do better, but am certainly pleased with the end result.  Several of you reading this are all ready emotionally invested in this project, so...tell me what you think.

The auction is on Thursday night and I just hope somebody bids on it or it will be hanging in the boys playroom and my husband will be ready to kill me.

A little closer look at the art work.  Holden did the elephant and frog.  The kids were supposed to paint their favorite thing in nature. They were fun to work with.  I'm crossing my fingers it goes for a respectful price(they claim this isn't a competition, but I know the truth) 

Enjoy your Monday.  I should be back with more regular posts, although I am mad at my blog and can't figure out why my banner at the top is so super huge.  I guess I don't care that much because I have kept it up, but it has something to do with being in love with the picture.


Jenny said...

Sarah, the artwork is so adorable. I am sure it will fetch a good price. Aren't you glad its DONE! Woo! Those pins are so so so cute. I think it is awesome you and your mom do crafts together. Love it.

Jody B. said...

Sarah, I have been wondering how this would turn out after seeing you paint the base color. It is awesome!! All of the artwork is cute, however, I really love Holden's elephant and frog. They have character! It should sell for MORE than a "respectful price". It would look really nice in the boy's playroom though.

Mer said...

Its really cool!!!!!! :)