Friday, November 5, 2010

flower pins

My mom and John were visiting this week.  We had nine days to cram in all the things we love to do.  One being something crafty. Over at Jones Design she had a tutorial on these darling little wool flower pins and we had to try them.  I bought wool at Joann's fabric and I have to say it's just a little expensive.  Jones Design has used wool from old sweaters and blankets from Goodwill-she is clearly a better shopper than I am. 

This is all you need.  A cardboard pattern that we free handed(perfect is not necessary), pins, wool , hot glue etc..
We found that smaller flowers turned out better. Between 5-7 flowers, one small round piece for the center. Fold the flowers twice, snip the end flat(when unfolded it looks like the above).  Hot glue onto the center circle(I forgot a picture of that step-typical!-Jones Design tutorial is 100% more informative).

Glue the pin and enjoy!
 Go ahead and make one for all of your winter coats.

Mom's purse

I had to try burlap and it turned out adorable if I do say so myself.

The possibilities are endless

Better late than never
Oh how Dumbo makes me want to have just one more baby, just about everything makes me want to do that, but this costume really makes me want to.


Shannon said...


I LOVE your blog and love seeing pics of your adorable boys. So nice to see your mom too. I miss you all.


Sarah said...

Hi Shannon! So happy to hear from you on the blog :) Take care-Sarah

Jenny said...

OK, agreed, Dumbo is precious and he needs a little sibling.