Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fun and Finds

Mom and John were here for about 10 days.  We did a little bit of everything and (I think) fun was had by
all. We played and went to the mountains.  We trick or treated and investigated the neighborhood.  We ate a lot of BBQ and even visited replicas of the Nina and the Pinta.  John checked out the local Golf Courses, mom and I checked out the local antiques. It was just a great time.
 lunch at Apple Valley in Townsend on our way to the Smokies
 A little hike at Cade's Cove 
 Holden and Gabby share a love for nature.  The picture previous to this one in my camera was her hoisting him into the river to get a rock-she has earned a 7 year olds respect for that move :)
 Sloan and his Gabby
Not a lot of pictures of Asher this time around. He refuses to pose-stinker
The antique(or junk-doesn't matter what you want to call it) stores in Maryville were awesome.  We could have spent more time there, but had to make it snappy in order to get all our shopping done without the kids

A seriously adorable paint-by-number. I can't wait to get my paint brush on that frame.

While this little find doesn't exactly fit the bill for my decorating, it does work perfectly to cover up the black hole called my fireplace.  I am thinking about doing something like this from Jones Design(not a surprise) to it, although I seem to be stuck on what colors to us. Maybe even something like this over at Isabella and Max rooms would work as well. I'll show you the after :)


Jenny said...

I love that pic of Sloan and the boys with Gran and Gramps and his giant smile. So freakin cute. And Asher and Parker would get along so well, if Parker isn't making some kind of goofy face, he is frowning or hiding, ugh, those middles. Ok, I am jealous of all your antique finds, I love that paint by number, so cute. I hate to say it but i kind of like the fireplace screen as is. I know it doesn't fit your style exactly but you might want to wait before you go changing it.

And I must say, you poor girl, your eye! Wow. I have had a couple cuts and actually a bloody nose from my monkeys, no black eyes yet. If they broke my tooth, they would be in some serious trouble let's just say.

Kristin said...

I love that design from Jones Design. It would look awesome I'm sure.
I love how you can see the after. I get stuck in the before......