Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maybe not so Nonna, but I love it

I guess I was lying, my posts aren't back to normal and maybe never will be.  Why is time flying by so fast? And why can't I seem to get a handle on all I have to get done.  All I really want to do is lay on the couch and read, but all I seem to be doing is trying to organize clutter .  You know how I feel about clutter. 

I have managed to finish the wreath from Jones Design, and while they are not just like hers, I am really happy with them.  I used wool from Joann's Fabric and the wreath forms were from the $ Store.  Jones Design used wool from a thrift store blanket and I have to say she is brilliant because wool is pricey-you'll seriously want to be armed with a coupon for this project. The wool blanket also looked considerably thicker than the wool form the fabric store and seemed to maybe hold shapes a little differently than the thinner wool I used. I am trying one more in hope to perfect it a little better.

The blue wreath is 12 inches, the brown is 10 inches.  I like the 10 inch the best-just a cuter size I guess.

I'm giving the brown one as a gift and I think the blue one will look cute hanging on my fireplace screen when I (ever) get that done.  I get a little self conscious giving people things I've made sometimes-does that ever happen to you?   

I think I have entered my blue period.  I was tickled to find this lamp at Home Goods.  Boy that place is just so....good.  Des Moines doesn't have a Home Goods.  I keep track, you know, of the differences between shopping in  Knoxville and Des Moines.  It helps me feel better about the move ;)


Jenny said...

I'd be thrilled to receive a Sarah original, never underestimate your talents girlie, you got skills!

Kristin said...

I second that. you have awesome skillz!