Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas home tour

Earlier this week the Nester hosted a Christmas home tour and although I am not joining in I decided to join the fun even if my decor is a little lame this year.
Vintage juice glasses I picked up this summer in Iowa.  Lovely any time of year.

Fresh flowers(I only buy the managers special at a very discounted price-usually out on Tuesdays) always a must have when it's a little gloomy outside.
Our Christmas book collection.  They are my favorite items to get out of the storage bins.  Packing these books up every year is worth unpacking them for Christmas when I see the  kids dance around like an old friend has just arrived for a visit.

This wreath fits every season.  I actually like it best in February as it  has a romantic feel all it's own, but it has the perfect tucking spots for all holidays.

Priceless pics.  I love to study the range of emotions caught in these photos.  A fun family tradition(even after I threw Santa under the bus).

Can't have too many white lights.  I like to keep them lit through February, it's just a cozy glow long after the Christmas tree is down.

Talk about some emotion.  My favorite Christmas card picture.  The more things change, the more they stay the same:)

Now I'm headed down the hall to rearrange something.  It's the third snow day of the week, Todd is traveling, I think I might be crazy...


Jenny said...

Thanks for the tour, again, always elegant but not stuffy, perfect. Love that last picture. Adorable.

Lisa said...

You got snow day! And you decorated!
We have had about 3 snow days so far, all it means is more shoveling, and I didn't get anything decorated.