Monday, December 13, 2010

snow day

Schools cancelled, I think all of Knoxville has shut down, and the Christmas music was on by 7am this morning, it's a snow day! 

I was so happy to see some white stuff last night. I was a little concerned the boys wouldn't get a chance to play in the snow this year.  No worries, a few inches and they are happy little campers.  There is nothing like a little snow to bring a neighborhood a little closer together.  We actually saw kids out playing this morning we never get the opportunity to play with, basically because I think they are locked away playing video games on any ordinary day.  Holden was so happy to see some lively faces.

I know, what kind of mother lets her kids sled down the middle of the street?! Just a couple of passes, and then it's back to the our little hill in the back.

Painting our bedroom was the project I had planned to work on this weekend. Instead, we spent the entire weekend shopping for appliances.  On Friday morning the dishwasher stopped working.  On Friday afternoon our dryer broke. Things break in threes you say?  On Sunday night the electronic thermostat(that we recently installed), flew off the wall and broke into a zillion pieces(that means no heat people).  I was excited to buy a new dishwasher, a little giddy(before the bill comes)to get a new washer and dryer.  I cried after the thermostat shattered. The bedroom will hopefully get done this upcoming weekend, granted the refrigerator and garage doors don't burst into flames.

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Jenny said...

Holy cow!!! I hope everything else stays operational. You poor thing. On the bright side, you get new appliances! We have a snow day today too.