Wednesday, December 1, 2010

let the count down begin

The holiday season doesn't start at this house until December 1st.  That's when I pull out the Advent calendar and embrace the craziness.  I think this is one of the boys favorite traditions.  They can't wait to see what is inside every afternoon(I used to do morning, but that's not working anymore with early morning school), and they jump around like little elves in excitement. 

 I use the Advent calendar as a way to organize all the things we want to do for Christmas.  I put little notes and special treats inside the compartments. Things like visit the live reindeer down the street, visit Santa at the Zoo, make cookies for the neighbors, a new Christmas book or movie, buy a toy for a needy child and on and on...

So many wreaths, so little space.  I am making this area my wreath wall.  I have one more I want to make this year-more on that later.

I'm slowly working on the rest of the house.  Sometimes it's fun to decorate a "new to you" house for the holidays, but I must admit that I'm not loving this one.  I can't figure out where to put the tree and wouldn't you know it, I kinda want those dreaded shelves back we had in our old house. You know, the ones I always complained about ;)  My reindeer moss wreath from last year has held up really well.  It's really strange how much I love to hang things over frames.

{Trucker on my lovely new rug only hours before he nearly ruined my day}

I came home today to find that the dog pooped in several areas of the house-what the heck!? I think it's pay backs for leaving him at the kennel for 5 days.  Luckily(if there could be a bright spot in doggie diarrhea), he avoided my new rug. 

We finally bought a rug for the family and it is starting to feel more homey and way less dust bunnyish.  I fell in love with Brandon, headed to the store to buy Hayden, and ended up with Webster.  Who are these rug namers at Pottery Barn anyways?

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Jenny said...

Awesome decorations. Trucker and Max would get along just fine I think. Da** dogs!