Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't tell my husband I'm in love with Brandon

{Pottery Barn}

We are in desperate need of a family room rug.  I must admit that I am just not that into wood floors right now.  I'm not crazy for carpet, but wood is being high maintenance.  The room needs some coziness and I need a dirt and dog hair catcher.  These samples are from Pottery Barn.  You can "check out" samples for 30 days, for 25$ each, refundable upon return.  I really appreciate the option because rugs are hard! Like super hard, and super expensive(although I think PB has some really reasonable prices), and who wants to cart a 9x12 rug home only to hate and cart it back to the store. 

So, I'm in love with the "Brandon" rug(the dark brown on the left).  Todd has the hots for "Hayden"(to the right), I think he's just being safe.  Brandon has more color, but seems more neutral to me at the same time.  I think it will ground the living area and cover up all the spills, barf and pee stains-there I said it and you KNOW it will happen.  Yuck-a-doodlebug, but it's the truth.

funny side note.  I was in love with a Brandon once a million years ago(or 12).  He was my room mate in Seattle-I know kind of a  predicament-I love drama!  He was a lawyer and just not that into me, I don't think I had the brain power to impress him.  Not sure what that says about Todd ;) Love you Toddy.  Brandon was like more boring than that rug- I promise.


Kristin said...

I vote for Brandon...not that my vote counts or anything :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Brandon too!

Becca said...


Anonymous said...

Just bought brand new Brandon rug on ebay 8x10 $419.00 (free shipping) same rug - much lower price. Just search for Brandon rug & you will find it ! Good luck