Thursday, September 9, 2010

I heart: simple crafts and good lighting

Now this is a Halloween craft I can get excited about.  Every year I love seeing what can be done with just pumpkins, it is really the only thing I like to decorate with in October. I try to make myself buy Halloween decorations every time I walk into TJ's or Michaels, but in the end I just buy lots of (real) pumpkins.  This project couldn't get any easier. Step 1. Carve hole in bottom of pumpkin,scoop out pulp, return cut pieces. Step 2. Print out house template at Resize on copier to fit pumpkin. Step 3. Cut out stencils as directed on the templates and affix to pumpkins with masking tape.  Trace on the designs with a felt-tip pen. Step 4. Remove stencil, then carefully carve along the drawn lines of the houses' windows with an x-acto knife. Fill in the designs using a fine tip brush and black flat acrylic paint; let dry. Affix a battery-operated votive candle in the base of each pumpkin with adhesive putty.

Do you ever read People magazine.  There is a goofy page where you try to find the differences between two of the same celebrity pictures.  I never get all of them, I'm telling you it is actually a little hard, but scroll down and play the same game :)

We have recessed lighting in our 1980's kitchen! Hooray! I'll tell you what, it has given me hope that someday this kitchen will be really pretty.  I can just almost feel the beauty of white cabinets, stainless steel appliances and light counter tops-almost.  This is the first of many improvements to take place in this kitchen, although not for months, and not all at the same time.  I'm leaving you with a few more pics, because I know that curiosity is killing you,'s killing my mom :) This should give her design mind lots to think about!

 Isn't it nice of me not to even style(clean) this kitchen for pictures :)  Pleeeeese, I hardly ever clean it, it's the up side to having a kitchen you want to remodel-you detach-not a bad place to be sometimes.


Kristin said...

I can't wait to see all you will do with that kitchen. I plan to decorate with pumpkins this year too. Found lots of ideas online...thinking I will go with white pumpkins.....

Jenny said...

The lights look fantastic! What a difference. I am so excited to see the kitchen progress. When we move I am going to have a similar situation and I am going to steal all your ideas!

Love the I hearts, so cute!

OK, I agree, greek yogurt is the best stuff ever. I am a Greek person, how have I never heard of this until recently?!

I bake for people all the time. It is my way of bribery too. I take things to the dry cleaners, I leave stuff for the mail man. I give stuff to Paul to take to work. Sweets always work. Good thinking.

Alison Seidl said...

Hey Sarah! Hope all is well with you. Thought I would share one of my fav blogs with you...there are tons of pumpkin ideas here! She has a knack of finding all the good blog ideas and putting them in her blog...Enjoy!

Becca said...

MY my my you have been busy! Love the posts! I know what you mean about the kitchen, I detached from mine for ten years...we're still not in love, but I do like it better! Baked food is a great way to manipulate..I mean, bring people together. I just usually get mine at Panera :)