Wednesday, September 1, 2010

random bits and pieces

Asher started school yesterday and it was a big success.  He said it was a GREAT day! Thank goodness for that because he had spent all summer telling me how he was not going to like his new school.  I think watching Holden helped change his attitude and when the first day rolled around he was pretty darn excited.  I think it helps that he has a very pretty teacher-you know Asher, he has fabulous taste(just ask Jenny and Bec-his two favorite moms).
This guy turns 5 in a couple days. He sure is one special dude.  Nearly everyday he teaches me more about the person I want to become, just by being himself. like?  I like. I think it's going to work.  Sloan and I spent some of the morning rearranging the furniture(umm...he didn't help move the couch), because we could have spent the morning at the library but what fun would that be.  He is just so darn helpful, constantly reminding me not to put anything on the side tables that I don't want stuffed into the couch cushions ;)

I am moving this dresser from our bedroom down to where the blue table was in the sun room.  Do you think Todd will mind getting his underwear and socks on the first floor? haha
Who knew! There's a magnolia gardenia bush in our yard. I was giddy when I spotted this bloom, it made me feel so southern.
Hair by cream cheese toast.

No story here, my husband just loves to put babies in baskets.


Becca said...

Love, love, love the pics! Miss you all! Asher looks so grown up...gald he likes school. Tell him to remember that I was his first love and not to forget about me ever!

Lisa said...

Makes me miss you all so much! Your place is beautiful, I hope you are finding happiness! Matt and I want to come soon to visit!