Monday, September 27, 2010

distracted, busy, just plain crazy...

Excuse me while I blog and watch Dancing With The Stars.  Forgive me for not being around last week. 
Check out what I've finished. 

The basement is coming together.  Laundry is a bit more fun behind my pretty drapes. I'll give a playroom grand tour next week. *note* this hem is driving my mom crazy-she's fixing it when she comes

a great product
The hem. Not too shabby for "no sew".  Let me just say how much I admire you if you have a sewing machine and use it.
Tonight while watching "Dancing" I'm working on this little nugget.  A chest of drawers I snagged out of my in-law's basement.  I'm painting it white, maybe a little antique-ing, no doubt no matter what I do it will look better when I'm done. Love you people!  I promise to be back blogging more than last week.

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meri said...

Looks nice! :)