Monday, September 13, 2010

This is my brain on clutter

My friend and fellow blogger Jenny had a post last week about her messy desk and trying to organize the ridiculous amount of papers kids bring home from school.  I decided to take the challenge and photograph my space from table level to see what the madness really looks like too.  Yep, pretty bad. 

Papers sometimes don't bother me although if I don't keep sifting through them all week it can get insane by Friday.  What drives me really wacky is the hodge podge of toys, broken parts and trinkets that end up here and homeless.

I have used these to organize myself for a couple of years.  Just 2 inch binders. One for the kids stuff and one for bills.  I actually have several more for decorating ideas, insurance papers, financial reports and recipes.

I love these pocket binder thingys.  In the kids binder every child has their own pocket folder for important school reminders and announcements.  I also have pockets for copies if their health forms, craft ideas, community and sports events and classes...

In my bills binder I keep important contact info.  I have pockets for stamps and return address labels, bills, receipts and passwords...This is how I try to stay sane, I would love to see the method to your sanity.

One pretty little organizer I saw in BH&G and then in real life at Target was this. You know pretty just makes organizing that much better. I'm not a big fan of spending money to stash things away in a drawer, but these were really lovely and there was a butterfly print that I think I might have to as well. Just a thought :)

I'm leaving you with pictures from our trip to the zoo.  We go to the zoo often, but this time Todd was with us(as he usually lucks out by being at work), so it was special.   The boys had a great time showing him all their favorite animals, and we saw some new things too. Happy Monday!

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Jenny said...

I too love a good binder. Were we separated at birth? Nah, you're way prettier... anyway, I would not survive without my binders. And clipboards. Have you every thought of the possibilities? Clipboards are amazing inventions. Thanks for the shout-out.