Wednesday, December 8, 2010

trying to give gift cards some presence

Hey there! It's me.  The chic who can't get away from using, twine, cardboard, stamps and book pages. I consider these things my trademark materials, but really, even I am bored with my look.  Unfortunately, this year with all the other changes that have been going on, I am forced to stick to my true blue crafting self but I promise(with all my heart) next year I will have a new look.

I love giving gift cards, probably because I love to get them. The problem is they don't exactly require a lot of thought on presentation, which is one of my favorite parts to giving a gift. The answer for me is tags and ribbon...yep,always tags and ribbon.  After tearing up one of my most beloved books of poetry(by Brian Andres) with a previous project, I decided I needed to use as much of as I can.  He writes beautiful whimsical poems that bring me to tears.  If you knew my niece, you would know how appropriate this poem is for her.

Oh cardboard how I love thee.

 Chalking the edges with this little stamp pad is a must

 This set of stamps is worn out.  Boy have they brought me lots of joy.

 Adding a ornament makes it a little more special. These are from Pottery Barn.

I think they will look pretty under the tree. 


Jenny said...

So freakin' cute!!!

Becca said...

Very cute! I understand your need for a new you know I'm a fellow twine junkie! Let's just say my use of twine may have been what gave me away in our annual secret santa at the office. I may need to give it up to but I won't! Can't make me! Nope!