Monday, December 6, 2010

wire hanger wreath

Last year I admired a wreath that several bloggers were doing at Christmas and decided I would try it this year.  I am about a year behind most trends.  Blame it on my Iowa roots :) 

 I bought all the bulbs from the dollar store because there is NO way I'm spending a fortune on these craft things don't you know.  If you're a good after Christmas shopper(to which I am not) this is a wreath that could support nicer bulbs. He recommends 80 in various sizes.  My wreath is small so I used about 50. Other than the bulbs, all you need is a wire hanger,  wire cutters and needle nose pliers to secure the end when done. Oh, and don't forget your glue gun.
 I tried to skip this step, but two bulbs in I realized you really do need to hot glue the ends to the bulbs.
 Just string the bulbs onto the wire.  Really, that's it.  Pay attention to what order you place them , as I found  a pattern seemed to work the best in filling in the spaces and evening out the colors.
 the last step is ribbon.  I think a wide ribbon would be pretty...
 I just did a rag-a-muffin ribbon because that was all I had.  For this year it works, I'll consider changing it next.
My wall of wreaths is complete. Now I am just on a mission for a sparkly bird ornament for the wool wreath.  Next year I will work on two more for the other grates to have something on them.  A great thing about this wire hanger wreath is you can unfasten the wire, unstring the bulbs and use them for something else next year.  brilliant.

note: the bulbs are very shiftable after you hang the wreath.  You can move one here or another one there to stand out more, which I just realized I need to do after looking at this picture.


Jenny said...

Super pretty. I must be really behind because I never even saw this one.

Anonymous said...

Sarah...your love of cardboard and burlap inspired me. I totally redid my tree this year with a burlap ribbon coiled through it and all rustic or red ornaments and snowmen. Love it. Thanks for the inspiration. I also have a grate hanging on one of my walls and I am totally stealing your wreath it!

Anonymous said...

Sarah...I did not plan to be anonymous. It's me, Margaret:-)