Friday, March 25, 2011

the first of many steps DONE!

Our updating has begun!  I think I made it through the worst part-replacing the floor.  Wow-that was a lot of banging around to get the previous tile up.  It was way messy and a total pain in the rear not using the kitchen for three days, but we made it.  What a difference a new floor and new doorway make. 

I'm on to scraping off wallpaper, ordering new appliances(!!!), and discussing shades of white with the painter. This is pretty fun, even though I complained about the mess and my husband looked at me like "what the heck did you expect?", the really good stuff is up next. 



 It is wonderfully convenient to have the refrigerator right next to the dining table.  We certainly wouldn't have a milk jug problem when you can grab the milk out of the fridge from your chair :) 

*These pictures don't really do the new tile justice.  I am happy with it, my favorite part about it was the fact it was on sale at Lowes.  I can pretty much love anything when the price is right.  The grout still needs to be sealed and we are hoping(?) it will darken the "mocha" grout that is looking more iced vanilla latte.


Kristin said...

WOW!!! That is an awesome change/difference. You up to taking a drive to Erie to help me when we move?

Becca said...

Yowza! LOVE IT! What a difference that made! You are good girl because I'm pretty sure my pea-brain would never have thought to widen that door... you're brilliant!

Jenny said...

It looks so good already. Awesome. I kind of like the idea of the fridge next to the table... no more jumping up to get some sort of condiment to smear over the dinner I just worked hard to prepare. Can't wait for more updates.