Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It could be a guy thing

Do you leave your milk jug on the table during dinner?  I've got to tell you that is completely against my nature to let it happen.  I did not grow up with anything on the table except the salad bowl, but I also grew up in a house dominantly female.  I don't think milk was a major food group to us like it is for boys. It seems so rude to have a big plastic thing in the middle of dinner, but I have to say that I am so annoyed with getting up for refills and even more annoyed when little people get up from the table for a refill-a way to distract from eating one's veggies I do believe-that I can't help but think I might have to bend a rule and leave it at arms reach for everyone. 

In no time at all these people are going to eat and drink us out of house and home, something that probably didn't happen when I was growing up either-I have never heard my mother complain about how she had to pick up 3 gallons of milk at a time.  I have also never heard her say that at the dinner table we tried to talk about farts and cheered when our siblings had milk shooting out of their noses.  Nope, I'm pretty sure my sisters and I never did boys however, won't be able to say the same.


Jenny said...

LOL! I think about that too, all the milk I will have to buy in a few years, scares me to death. I loathe going to the grocery, it might be easier to get our own personal cow. Burps are cheered at my table and it makes me turn into mommie dearest!

Corie said...
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Corie said...
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Corie said...

Sorry I posted twice and my spelling was off, so I deleted them. My girls are like little boys. We go thru 2 to 4 gallons a week, usually 3. My girls find it funny to pass gas and burp and their daddy just laughs. They even do it at the table. They have some manners to learn if they want to be little princesses.

Pepper Bridges said...

I came to see how you are doing from Becca's blog. I loved catching up with you and your family. After reading this, I was thinking about your and my unsightly milk jug out on the table and I have the perfect solution. Drum roll please............................................. A pitcher, I bet you could find a super cute one and either fill it up every meal or just put it back in the fridge. That way you can have a super cute decoration that just happens to hold a liquid very dear to your growing boys. I have two girls, I will need lessons from you on keeping it cute and girly. I tend to go with what ever is easiest.
If you don't mind I would like to find my way back here soon.

Sarah said... are brilliant! Thanks for stopping by :)