Thursday, March 31, 2011

In search of...

I've been spending a lot of time on Zappos these days, searching for the perfect summer sandal.  I love summer and I love sandals, but I don't have the budget to spend a ton of money on sandals for every summer outfit.  What I buy has to be neutral enough for most outfits, comfortable enough for everyday and high enough that my short legs look elongated.  That's a tall order for one little sandal.  I have worn my very favorite Danskos for a least three years(I really can't tell you how much I have loved these shoes...they are perfect and I highly recommend them).  I considered ordering another pair, but don't you think three years is long enough for one style?  I'm holding onto my old ones, and might try and catch a pair on sale(fat chance), but I went ahead and put my faith into another style.   

How important are comfortable shoes?  Nothing makes me crabbier than tight, ill fitting shoes.  Well, that's not totally true....something makes me's tight, ill fitting undies! Anyways, I was getting my hair highlighted last weekend and sitting under the dryer next to a woman who had huge banyans on her feet-yuck!  She was my age, and I think way to young for a banyan the size of Mt. Rainier. Yikes.  I started looking around and I saw a lot of women with squished up feet, bumps and strange things going on in their shoes.  I'm thinking 4 inch heels caused all this and Podiatrists must be busy people.

I'll let you know(will it ever warm up enough) if these shoes fit the bill.  You, should go shopping for your perfect pair. Have fun! 

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Jenny said...

Good luck searching Sarah, I like these in the photo. I think I'll be sporting flip flops most of the summer but I do love a good strappy stilleto (so does big tall hubby), maybe for our anniversary dinner? Anywho, just wanted to say, love the new header pics. So adorable.