Wednesday, March 16, 2011

in no particular order

I feel very fortunate to have taken an all expense paid vacation to Nassau because my husband works his booty off for us and Mack Trucks is generous enough to reward him.  We enjoyed and appreciated every second of it.  Food, sun and bahamian music is just better when you don't pay for it!  After looking back on these pictures Todd and laughed at how sorta pathetic the photos were.  I guess we were too busy relaxing  to really take the time to capture it in great pictures-you'll get the idea though :)

The Sandals Resort main building

The view from our hotel room

My wonderfully goofy husband

This was all the tan I got-thanks(I think?) spf 50!

Nassau harbor on our way to snorkel

My wonderfully goofy husband

The boat we traveled on for the snorkeling trip-pretty rickety, but not nearly as bad as the local street transportation

a fire show on a rickety boat out at sea....totally makes sense.  This guys stage name is "Action", again, totally makes sense

 My husband clearly works a lot because this skin hadn't been in the sun for like 4 years.  He needed spf 50 but opted for 15, just that was a battle won for me!

Before you question why the heck I would post a picture of myself in a bikini let me say's not getting any better people.  If this blog is my family scrapbook of sorts, then all things must be documented. I'm not getting any younger, gravity is not getting any kinder, and when I'm 60 looking back at this blog I will be ecstatic that at one time I had knees and not just wrinkes that act as knees ;)  With that said, I should have posted a bikini picture 4 years ago-things looked a lot better then!


Kristin said...

Sarah-you look fantastic! I'm glad your trip was great. Hope the feeling of relaxation lasts at least a few weeks :)

Jenny said...

Sarah, it looks like you had such a wonderful time. I am happy for you and jealous all at the same time. It will be a couple more years before me and my hubby get to go away alone, if ever. Action looks like an interesting fellow, there is always one on vacation, huh!? As for your bikini shot, look out Sports Illustrated, you look hot momma! Woo! Jealous, wishing I had those abs girl. My hubby and I laugh at bad pictures of us now because we always say, "someday we will think we looked so young and skinny!"

Becca said...

how wonderful it all looks! I'm so glad you had fun. And, yes, I agree with your statement a few days ago...every Mom and Dad deserves an all expense paid vacation! Here's to dreaming! :)

meri said...

Nice pics!!!!!!!!! Do more pics please!!!!!! :)

Margaret said...

Sarah! Love the pictures. We went to the EXACT SAME PLACE 3 years ago and has SO MUCH FUN! Fun to see your pics and reminisce...all 'cept bikini saggy old abs stay covered in a tankini. ROCK IT, GIRL! ROCK IT!