Monday, March 28, 2011

this is not a post about cardboard

You may not believe that this post is not about cardboard, that could be as hard to believe as the fact that I have wanted to stop using cardboard, but the addiction proved impossible to kick.  This post in fact is about Martha Stewart and Dogwood trees. 

There are a few things I love about Martha.  Her Food magazine, her not published anymore Baby/Kids magazine, and her sticker line at Micheal's.  There are also I few things that I can't stand about her. One being her Living magazine.  Here is my complaint.  Who the heck does she think is reading this magazine?  It's woman like me, decorating on a budget, crafting to be happy.  If anyone is reading her magazine that could afford the furniture and other products she uses in it, they would also be paying a professional decorator...hence not needing Martha design advise.  I am not inspired by things I can not afford.  It's a love/hate relationship I have here. 

Any hoo, I love her Dogwood stickers the most(I'm calling these Dogwood blooms, I have no idea if that's what she intended).  I have used these on several little tags and cards. I just can't get enough of them. 

For the record I made this sign for teacher appreciation week.  I didn't make it for myself-although it's tempting to place in my kitchen window since the praise around here doesn't exactly flow like wine  ;)

Which brings me to my newest discovery. We have two Dogwood trees in our yard! Hooray us. This is our first Spring here so I was tickled to see the adorable blooms. Knoxville is FULL of flowering trees-like there is something new blooming every other day.
This is the view out our front door.  See the little scraggly branch of Dogwood flowers across the top of the picture?  Yep, that's my tree that is trying with all it's might to live.  It's been trimmed up to just two branches and I fear for it's life.  I'm pretty sure if I leave too long for some Saturday afternoon shopping Todd will chop it down.  I might have to chain the baby to it, maybe plan a save the tree rally with the boys.  I think it's days are numbered, but I'm enjoying it for now. 


Becca said...

I love dogwood trees! So pretty... and I'm a little jealous...Des Moines IS NOT blooming yet. BOO. Your card is adorable...I have no motivation to show my appreciation for our teachers. Bad me. It must be my seasonal affect disorder or something...

Jenny said...

Love the card, love Martha (unconditionally, forever), love dogwoods as well. I am so jealous. We have a few more weeks before the blooms bust open. I think the idea of chaining the baby to the tree is not enough, you might have to hide/sell the saws as well. You know how those hubbys can be when they get a wild hair up their you know whats and want to take care of some business. That card is just stressing me out, what the heck am I going to do for our teachers?! Yikes!