Friday, April 1, 2011

babies and memories

When I was pregnant with Holden I knew I wasn't the baby book type.  I just couldn't picture myself keeping very good records of milestones and I knew I would feel awful about myself if I left it only halfway filled out.  I used a box instead for all the pictures, cards, first booties, lockets of hair and what not that a baby collects. I may not remember every first, but I decided for me that was better than a book with just the first page filled out.

The boys love to get these boxes out.  I will admit there is considerably more in Holden's box than Asher's.  Poor Sloan may wonder if anyone noticed he was even born, but I try to get the basics in there. 

I made a memory box as a gift for an upcoming baby shower.  She might be a book person...she might think I'm crazy for being a box's her first baby so maybe I'll help her make up her mind.  


Becca said...

that is so {expletive} cute! Oh my gosh! I will take 3 please...2 boy, 1 girl. I have some seriously lame baby boxes! Oh my gosh...I need to call you right now! She will love it!

Kristin said...

The momma to be WILL LOVE it! I LOVE it! It's so beautiful and I love how you added in little things like the first lost tooth envelope. So Sweet. You are so very creative-don't ever sell yourself short.