Sunday, April 3, 2011

for the jump of it

I'm a smidge obsessed with this song right now.  You can catch this family dancing on any given Sunday afternoon.  The family that dances together stays together right? 

Well, to this song we just jump.  It's like our own mini mosh pit until Asher and I split from the group to doe-si-doe( maybe not the freshest of dance moves but it just feels right). We clap, scream, roll around on the floor, someone always ends up crying, then they end up laughing.  It's fun.

I listen to this LOUD.  It only works LOUD.  I play the banjo, Asher's on the guitar.  Holden and Sloan are dancing on top of the coffee table. Whatever. 

Have a happy Monday!


(The video is nothing special-just listen, don't watch)

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Alison said...

I love Mumford & Sons! This is a goodie just like Little Lion Man. Thanks for the midday pick me up! Rock out! \m/