Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gallery walls

Have I really not blogged in over a week. That's what happens when I make to-do-lists, I get obsessed with crossing off tasks and not blogging. Hmmmm....maybe I should put blogging on my to-do-list...or stop being so tasky and forget those dreaded lists all together.

I was able to get a little creative despite doing things like dropping boxes at Goodwill, measureing garage windows for blinds, Kindergarten roundup, and scouring the web for kitchen knobs and pulls.

Last week was gallery wall day on practically every blog I read.  I was feeling left out and wanted to join the fun, looked around my house and realized I have several gallery walls already-silly me.  But I felt inspired so I went ahead and started another.  It's possible to have too many...although with our latest move I have felt like I need more pictures of family, more memories of good times and did you know that pictures in frames look better on the wall rather than stuffed into drawers.

People get really technical when doing this stuff.  I understand drawing diagrams and taping prototypes up, but it is not my style.  Being that technical takes all the fun out of it for me, but if that is your style you can visit here and here for some pointers.



And my final collection. For the record, Todd thinks it's weird.  I kinda like the found things incoorperated with pictures.  Each to their own I guess.  While I do think that you can have too many gallery walls(four is getting there), I don't think there are any rules to how you go about them.


Jenny said...

You can never have too many. I love to see everyone's stuff, pictures included. I love all your groupings. Someday when we move, I am going to plaster my babies' pictures everywhere. I am so sick of not seeing them. your house is coming along so beautifully.

And just for the record, I do not own a single gucci product. Not one. Go figure.

Kristin said...

love all the galleries. I agree with Jenny-you can never have too many. I love all of yours. I'm one of the anal ones that will measure and draw it on graph paper and then when it comes time for Chris to hang the pictures he just wings it--always ends in a fight :)
I can't wait to have my babies pictures hanging everywhere again. So sick of seeing blank walls. Maybe you could travel to Erie this summer and help me....we have a lake :)

Becca said...

I always love your designs! Love to see your house in all it's glory!

Pepper Bridges said...

I'm spying again. You're not being very encouraging in the kids being rascals department. My 2 year old is extremely stubborn and tries my patience frequently (like every hour.) I was hoping she will outgrow it.

Pepper Bridges said...

P.S. what did you do about your milk on the table dilema?

Lisa said...

I am posting my gallery now...Matt hates when I put holes in his beautiful walls. So typical eh? We got the boys with no vision and creativity when it comes to decorating. Luckily, they have it in other areas, they need to leave us to our area of expertise and trust that we know best.