Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The ABC's of me

My blogging friend, and real life friend(yep, I've seen her with my own two eyes) Jenny posted the "ABC's of me" the other day and I thought it was fun-in a blogging kinda way. So, without further delay. The ABC's of me...

A. age: 37 years actual years on this planet. My brain says I'm hardly a day over 23. Country music fools me into thinking I'm 16. When I walk into Forever 21 I'm reminded that I'm nearly 40. I have pledged to never mentally hurdle 34.

B. Bed size: Queen. Completely not enough bed for snuggling ninjas, but we aren't upgrading any time soon. I may have a "too small for the crew" bed, but I have the most luxurious Tempurpedic mattress(thank goodness for a husband with back pain), which makes up for it.

C. Chore you hate: Putting the laundry away. I don't mind washing it, but the act of organizing and putting it away is just....a chore.

D. Dogs: You can't miss him. He's big, hairy, pushy, grumpy, smelly, and he's my first baby.

E. Essential start to your day. Coffee is my morning MUST. I'd fight someone for my morning coffee-I really would-like take them down if they messed with it. I'm passionate and clearly addicted to caffeine.

F. favorite color: Green

G. gold or silver: Silver

H. height: 5'4"

I. instrument you play: Totally and completely not musical. Played the violin for half a second in elementary school

J. job title: Ummm...Princess!. Although some days Dragon Tamer. Realistically just Keeper of The Inn. Trying to avoid Shrew.

{The dragons/wild indians/funky chickens-they answer to many names.  I have a re-occuring nightmere that someday it will be me they are tying to the tree}

K. kids: I like them despite the fact that I three of my own.

L. live: In a little neighborhood, on the west side of Knoxville Tennessee, in an area called Rocky Hill.

{my castle a top a very rocky hill}
{yes my shutters are two different colors at the moment}
{The baby is there with no shirt on-we like to class up the neighborhood}

M. mom's name: Olivia Victoria. Lovely

N. nicknames: My sisters still call me "Sarebear". Todd calls me "Sugar". When I was in elemantary school my mother told a friend that I was called "Fluffy Butt" when I was a toddler...I didn't live it down the whole year.

O.overnight hospital stays: Just for babies. They had to make me leave.

P. pet peeve: When people traveling the opposite direction stop for you to make an across traffic turn-when they don't have to-nor do they need to-but they insist on waving you through- nearly causing a 20 car pile up in back of them- because they are just that nice-or annoying-however you'd like to see it.

Q. quote from a movie: about from a movie star. Maybe you've heard of him, Charlie Sheen. "Duh, winning!"

R. right or left handed: Right

S. siblings: Two older sisters that I adore, never get to see enough, but would do anything for.

T.time you wake up: Alarm goes off at 6. Some days I don't hit snooze, but more times than not I do.

U. underwear: comfortable ones and if that means granny panties, as my husband so affectionately calls them, then so be it. (although for the record-they aren't granny panties-they just aren't thongs-which is just how black and white he sees the world-won't he be bummed when I'm a granny actually wearing granny panties!)

V. vegetables you dislike: Not a fan of broccoli

W. what makes you run late: My house. I kinda can't leave for the day without everything pretty tidy. I get way crabby when I walk in to unmade beds and toys on the floor.

X. x-rays you've had: Just my teeth.

Y: yummy food you make: Blackberry Coffee Cake

Z. Zoo-favorite animal: Elephants. Holden and I fell in love with them together.


Becca said...

Oh my you make me smile! I love the ABC's of you...but, of course, you knew that already! You have such a clever way of expressing fun to read. And, man do I miss your face...

Jenny said...

ABC is easy as 123, love it! That comment about Sloan being shirtless made me snort laugh. Thanks, I needed that. Glad I am not alone in my undies preference. Darn those underwear models anyway.