Friday, April 22, 2011

spring spruce up

Our kitchen project is on hold until July so I have moved on with my to-do-list.  The countertops we were ordering from IKEA are not available until July and that has given me a chance to finish and start some other projects. 

We have cut down a lot of dead trees, torn out this and that in the yard and still have a long way to go in the landscaping of this place.  I think everything is going to look a little shabby in the yard until next year, but I felt the need to at least improve some of the outward apprearance now. 

 I fresh coat of red on the door(you can see the original color on the upper panel to the right)
Goodbye mauvey/red/orange/pink/yuck, hello chocolate brown.  I'm in charge of the lower shutters which is why they are done.  We'll see how long it takes to get the upper ones finished.  The two lights at the door will be changed hopefully to something with a copper finish and some flowers planted in my right now empty copper planter.  Oh, and two more shutters on the bay window.

 Apparently HGTV was up the street from our house working on a room in someone's house.  I was certain they would stop while I was outside painting and offer to Curb Appeal The Block-didn't happen-darn. It's possible my white trash baby scared them away ;)

I also wanted to leave you with some salad inspiration. 
Pioneer Woman had a great Greek Salad on her blog the other day. I've made it twice already.
And Pure Style Home had this salad posted a several months ago. I'm trying it this weekend.

Have a great weekend, I'll be back next week with some pictures of the boy's room.  Happy Easter.


Kerri said...

Hi! I saw you over on Jenny's blog...thought I would stop by! I'm liking your chocolate brown shutters...we have the maroon ones too and I'm ready for a change! I was reading over some of your posts...I think I need to try that cider/mustard dressing!!

Becca said...

Chocolate brown! You are so on top of your to do lists! Am I the only one who procrastinates around here? I just saw a cute copper light...can"t remember where. If I happen upon it I shall pass it on!

Jenny said...

All right Miss Do Everything Perfectly and Timely, would you just slow down already? I have a mile long house list to do and I feel like I will never catch up. It looks great, love the brown and the baby! I am always hoping Jason Cameron from Desperate Landscapes shows up, I love his biceps, Yes, my hubby knows. He is aquaintances with one of my old playgroup moms and I am so jealous. Anyway, not that our landscape is desperate, just wanna feel those muscles! ;)