Tuesday, May 17, 2011

101 ways to wrap a gift card and my graduate

It's that time.  Teacher gift time.  I really do love to give teachers gifts through out the year.  They are so deserving.   I also love to give gift cards and so it is what our teachers will always get.  Sometimes I attach gift cards to a trinket of some kind, but this time around it just wasn't happening.  I went with a gift card for ice cream and while I had great intentions of making them a whole paper flower bouquet, this girl knows when to call it quits with her crazy ideas.  I attached one little paper rosette and decided not to even worry about a leaf.  I've gone on and on about these paper flowers, but they are so cute, and so fun, and I'm a dork.

Have I ever told you I'm obsessed with paper....and I don't even scrapbook....sometimes it scares me to think if I did.

Asher graduated from preschool today.  They had a a really cute program for the parents and I was very proud because he sang his little heart out and knew every single hand jester to the words. Asher loved preschool(he has pretty cute teachers so what guy wouldn't right), and we feel extremely fortunate to have gotten him into this particular program. For a year that started out pretty emotional from the move, it ended with a lot of good friends and fun memories.

These will be fun pictures to look at when he's graduating high school.  Such a handsome and compassionate little boy.  I get pretty excited thinking about his future.  I'm intrigued to see what God has planned.


Jenny said...

*sniff* again, your boys are growing up so fast, I hate it! Thanks for showing your gift card ideas. I am hoping to steal from all the bloggy moms who are way more creative then me and thanks for sharing the paper flowers, I was drooling over them a couple posts ago and I was hoping you'd share a link. Yay Asher! Big hugs and kisses.

Becca said...

So cute! Congratulations graduate! lol. The cap and gown are pretty cute...you have to admit. Like the very sweet and simple giftcard wraps. God help me...I might be copying your giftd this year if I can't get it together!