Monday, May 23, 2011

Finding inspiration at stores you can afford

So our kitchen makeover for the most part is on hold until the counter tops come in at IKEA sometime in July.  In the meantime, I have been working on the little changes we can take care of now. 

We have a small budget, as I have said before and that means finding the elements that have inspired a look at places that leave a lot to the imagination.  Lowe's for example.  Lowe's is one of my favorite places. In my opinion Lowes carries everything that high end stores have, just not as obviously.  When I look at a picture from a magazine or find a blog that inspires a look, it is just the look I am after, not the exact elements.  Some people read the source guide in the back and have to have that exact item.  I go to Lowe's and try and find the element that feels like that item. It's mainly called being cheap, really it's called not being wealthy, but I prefer to call it creative.

In a kitchen that has inspired me, she had a lovely glass ball pendant hanging above her sink. I don't think it was a costly item, just one that you have to stumble upon in an antique store.  I never have the chance to stumble, so I must get creative.  This glass pendant is from Lowe's(not a surprise) and I think it will be just perfect.

 Perfect after this ugly mess is a beautiful shade of white with butcher block counters, a white sink, new faucet, and simple roman shade. In other words, a small miracle must be performed.

This is pretty much the only kitchen in the history of the world to make lovely stainless steel appliances look bad. 


Kristin said...

I must post pictures of my kitchen--I think I have you beat on ugly kitchens. The joy of older homes :) Are you going to paint your cabinets or replace them?

Jenny said...

You can do it, you have an uncanny ability to make things beautiful. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Becca said...

Like the will be perfect! You must post Birthday Boy pics! Miss you all!
P.S. you are one of two of my readers and I don't hate comments!