Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One problem solved...825 to go + a super cute blog

A Solution:

Back in this post, you were forced to listen to me go on and on about the dreaded ugly milk jug at the dinner table.  It is just so "me" to complain, lament and vent. It is so like others to solve problems.  Pepper(an old friend) left a comment about using a pitcher at the table instead. It was like getting hit with a ton of bricks...or like Charlie Sheen was living in my head...duh, winning!

  My ugly jug has been replaced with a much better looking container.  And while it is still plastic(nice and light weight to pick up), I haven't had to get up once. The best part about this is Todd thinks it's completely ridiculous to refill a jug from another jug, that's how I know it absolutely brilliant!

Super cute blog alert!

I hope you all visited Jones Design last week to catch all her flower tutorials.  If not, make sure to check them out because they were adorable.  The paper ones from Monday were my favorite.  Today she had a link to a great blog.  Run, don't walk, because the craftiness is too good and don't miss her weekly menu!

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