Friday, September 28, 2012

creating solutions

Way, way, way back a long, long, long time ago I had a problem with our from entry, posted the following picture and talked about solutions.  It was weird, that same week in blogland it seemed like there were some other people dealing with the same problem.  Unsightly air return, thermostat in wrong place kind of problems.  People were putting fake mantels around the air returns and making boxes to fit around the thermostat.  I had this problem in our old house as well, so I knew just what to do{I just needed to get around to it}.
Fast forward a lot of months, and here is our entry way. 

Now, that looks better. 
 Easy access to the thermostat, the air can still return{or what ever it does in that thing} and I can feel confident about welcoming people into my house. 
Happy Friday y'all.  Enjoy a beautiful Fall weekend.  See you back here next week!


Jenny said...

I am catching up so I am going to comment on a bunch of things. Hope you don't mind!

Wow, paint and shelves, you are the master. That entry looks great. Really. I think the painted vent is such a huge difference. Did you spray it or just use a brush, just wondering. We have never painted any of ours and it does bug me.

I love that painting of the boys, I have told you before, but I just had to say it again. I like the ledge shelves, are they Ikea? Too cute.

Hello! Love the kitchen. Love it all. I love your counters. Yeah! I love that you skipped the granite too. Butcher block is one of my favorites. Everything looks great in there. Do you feel like you could be on a cooking show? It looks like it! I like the black paint a lot. It does make the hardware stand out. I like the black hinges, they are very retro and cute. I think the skinny space you should just leave for the boys to draw on. My aunt has a very similar space in her kitchen and we all go over and doodle on it. She leaves my kids' stuff up forever (no grandkids for her yet) and she also hung up a teeny shelf for chalk and an eraser. I think she might have glued it to the wall, not sure.

And hey, keep the what you wore posts comin'. I need all the help I can get. Who cares about mirror dust. I think a perfect house is a sign of a wack job mom anyway. You always look so freakin' awesome in your pictures. I love the scarf. I finally have been wearing some here lately. I didn't because I was pregnant, who wants even more bulk during that time. Then I was nursing, needed fast access and babies love to try to strangle you with scarves anyway if you are wearing them.

I like the way you hung them up. Very clever. I had a really cool scarf hanger (similar to what you made) that I just passed on to my fashionista daughter who also is a scarfaholic. I found I am better at putting mine away if I can just lightly fold them and put them in a bin in my closet. Right now I am blessed with a big closet and so I can do this but I might have to steal my hanger back someday.

I refuse to get on Pinterest. I haven't yet and I know if I do, I will be so sorry.

I made pumpkin muffins last week after I saw your pumpkin bars. Yummy yummy. :)

Take care momma.

Becca said...

Much better! Kuddos to you! love the painting of the boys too!