Wednesday, September 26, 2012

what was new is newer again

I am still loving our new kitchen.  The flooring, the appliances, the counter tops, everything has worked out perfectly.  That is everything but the wall color.  When I originally painted it blue, and then painted the attached hallway blue and then changed that hallway to green and lived longer with the blue, I liked it, but thought it wasn't quite me.  Along with the fact that I have a lot of blue rooms, because I have a lot of boys, I thought I'd give it another coat of something more interesting.

 Lucky for me, paint is never at a shortfall around here.  I had the chalkboard paint from another project and figured I had nothing to loose{hardly even time since there is very little wall space}.
I like it{famous last words}.  I think it blends better with the rest of our house and since there is such little wall space it hardly makes an impact.  I like the stark contrast between the black and white and I like how it makes the hardware pop. I have used chalkboard paint for so many things because I love the finish, even if I'm not going to write on it.
However, it's more fun if you do.
Now, what to do with this little space? 


Kristin said...

I love it!

How about writing your menu there? It's hard to see how wide it is so I'm not sure if that would work. Or maybe reminders? Schedules?

Becca said...

Perfect spot for grocery list or schedules!!! It looks good...better than the blue, I think.

Good work out of you! (once again)!